About Ebedoz  by Ebedoz Udeozor

Launched in Fall 2016 by Music Composer and Fashion Icon Ebedoz Udeozor,  Ebedoz is fast a growing fashion label based in Toronto / Los Angeles. The designs are built to pop individual’s vibrant aura. Each Pant in Ebedoz collection is handcrafted by forward thinkers and pioneers of the new fashion. Inevitably, beautiful, comfortable, luxury and street have collaborated to produce a great price point.

Ebedoz is classic, timeless, simple yet stunning signature that puts bright, exciting colors in the spotlight. It is a perfect punctuation mark for casual meets formal wear  office attire. The notion of injecting color in the place of neutrals carries through to bold yet sophistication that translates to everyday wear.

Ebedoz by Ebedoz Udeozor is  now available on shop.ebedoz.com and on Amazon, where you can easily search by color, fabric, size, and other key features to find the perfect style for you. Made For You.